The Inaugural Puerto Vallarta By UTMB Race Report

I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible, based on my memory after running for 26 hours straight. I hope you enjoy the read.  Dias De Los Muertos on the Malécon First and foremost, I was stoked about this race when annouced on the UTMB World Series calendar December 2021. A new 1 00-Mile UTMB race in Puerto Vallarta Mexico , through the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, the course made its way from the top of the mountain through deep jungles all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I have never been to Mexico so this trip checked all the boxes for a fun destination race and vacation: A net downhill race to the ocean, a point-to-point course, an opportunity to learn about a new culture, get to use my high school Spanish, and try to snag a top 3 spot for the UTMB Finals in 2023 or have a good chance to collect more running stones towards the real deal in Chamonix. The only thing I didn’t know was if I was going to be able to run this race since I was doing Run Rabbit

The 2022 HURT 100 Race Recap

Hi friends and family, thanks for your patience on my HURT 100 race report. I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible, based on my memory after moving for 27 hours straight. It may get a little tedious as HURT is a 20 mile loop course done five times, but I hope you enjoy the read. 😁 PRE RACE: First and foremost, I got off the crazy deep waitlist eight weeks prior to the race. I was stoked but that is not much time to put in a good training block for a tough race like HURT. Fortunately, I was already putting in strong training for the November 2021 Spartan World Championship 100K in San Francisco, which made for a great training race prior to Hawaii.    After performing well at the November 100K, I put in another month of solid training. I had a few big workouts including a long 10 hour day doing laps on Green Mountain in Boulder. The only thing left to do  was taper... well, life had some curveballs planned. In Boulder, over New Years, we had a crazy wildfire followed by